Vin Diesel: Turned soft?


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You’ve probably seen this floating around the internet, it’s been made into memes such as these:

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This picture of him on the verandah has landed him many articles with headings on various media outlets like:

“Vin Diesel gone soft”

“The Fat and the furious”

“Vin Diesel’s ‘Dad Bod'”

“Not-so-buff Bod”

Is it ever OK to body shame someone? All these comments about his dad bod and people forget that he actually has just become a dad, lost his friend Paul Walker and he’s currently enjoying life off the screen on a vacation on Miami Beach. Is it wrong that he’s not ripped 24/7? Does anyone not put on weight whilst on vacation, I mean are you even enjoying yourself if you don’t?

Vin Diesel has been fighting back at these body shamers instead of being embarrassed about it. He told Newsbeat “I think that it is ultimately wrong…I think people should be less judgemental and most just loving”. He also posted his own dad bod photo on social media, showing all the haters that he is perfectly comfortable in his own body saying “I feel sorry for the people who have to cut other people down to feel better about themselves”

What do you think about Vin Diesel’s “Dad Bod”? Is it ever ok to body shame anyone? Would it have been a bigger deal if it was a female celebrity?



Why Are Publications Body-Shaming Vin Diesel Right Now?


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