Reflecting on World Mental Health Day


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World Mental Health day lands on 10 October every year with a purpose of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilising efforts in support of mental health.

In an effort to extend the important message behind World Mental Health day and to engage the communities around us the month of October is also Mental Health Month in Australia. This year’s theme for Mental Health Month is “Learn and Grow” – encouraging people and communities to learn more about mental health and use that knowledge to grow personally and take control of their own mental wellbeing as well as those around them. This is so crucial to creating an environment where people who suffer from negative mental health can feel at ease knowing that they are not alone in the battle.

Why is this important one day a year? Or even a monthly event? We should be acknowledging body image and its effects on mental health on us and those around us every day.

Let’s take this opportunity to remind ourselves to be mindful of our words, engage in conversation with others and together we can help to contribute to positive mental health.

To keep the spirit of World Mental Health day alive, there are events for the whole of October in Sydney (and all over Australia), check them out here




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