Why we need The Standard Male


Image source: http://teens.lovetoknow.com/teen-activities/youth-icebreakers-without-materials

The slogan for The Standard Male is “The standard for males is not for the standard male”, there is a standard for males to be a certain way but that isn’t the way is should be for everyone. Often we find that males and body image aren’t really discussed in the same conversation. Why is that?

Eating disorders and body image issues have been described as female problems so males are becoming more and more reluctant to admit they are in trouble and need help, they just try to deal with the problem themselves. In addition, most treatment programs and support groups have been designed for females and are populated exclusively by females. So it’s no surprise that males dealing with body image issues, eating disorders and other mental health issues are growing.

Like females, males also need help from professionals and those around them to recover from what they’re going through. The Standard Male is a platform where we can openly discuss these sorts of issues so that it can become normalised and thus males will feel more inclined to share their problem and people are less judgemental and more informed about male body image issues and complications associated with it. The longer a disorder or illness goes untreated the more severe the case will get. As this becomes more prevalent in males despite having no dialogue about the touchy subject, the worse the issue will become. That’s why we need The Standard Male so we can have a community where the conversation is accepted and encouraged.


Sources: https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/male-body-image-the-best-kept-secret-wcz/


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